In Store Block files we care about protecting their data more efficiently. We use the following tools:

Secure transfers: We use standard security Internet network connections. Our servers go through a secure channel using 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, to keep a secure data transfer between our customers and our services.

Your data are secure: We use HTML5 technology, by default. Furthermore your data is protected by redundant backups that are kept synchronized in its latest update, whenever you want.

That I can do if I have a security problem: is unlikely to happen shortly, but as in all things there can be a hundred percent reliability. If you suffer or think you're having a security problem please contact us by: We will do our best to fix it or that it does not happen again anymore.

Passwords: Use a unique password for your account Store Block files that is as long as possible, and if possible, consist of letters and numbers. These can be both uppercase and lowercase. Once you have it is your responsibility to keep it in a safe place so no one can access it. For added security you can change your password periodically. We will never ask for your password to access your account in case of conflict.

Login and Logout

To log in to your account files Block Store Just click on the LOG IN button located in the upper right corner of the website. From there you can access your personal account to start enjoying our services.

Remember that if you use public computers or others who are, for example, in an Internet cafe or library, remember that you can follow your session started in the services you have been using even after closing the browser. Therefore, when using a public computer, be sure to log out. To do this, click on the top right corner and then select LOG OUT.


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