Your things will always be protected in Block files Store

The security of your files we take very seriously. Trust us to save your things thanks to the security tools we offer to help protect your account.

How do we protect you from the outside?

Our security is based on 256-bit AES encryption to store your files and SSL / TLS data to transfer your files safely. Access your account securely from any site or mobile device. You will never be able to access through third party applications to ensure your security.

How do we protect your privacy?

The privacy of our users is one of our highest priorities. Our greatest efforts are focused on protecting your information from unwanted access. We have made a Privacy Policy designed only to protect our users Política de privacidad.

Tips to protect my account

As a user of Block files Store we offer you a series of security tools to protect your account and your data. You have the following functions of authentication and activity, as well as other security functions:

- Use a unique password: Better if you are not using it in any other service. By creating a unique password, and protecting it well, you will ensure the security of your Block files Store account. Monitor and control your account. To do this, monitor your account activity and keep your security settings up to date.

- For more information on security for Business members, go to page:Business

Monitor account activity

On the Activities page you can find updated information about shared folders and active links to shared items, as well as a record of edits, additions and deletions to individual folders and files. On the Profile page you can enable notification notifications when a device or a new application is linked to your account.

Recovering deleted files and document version history

Block files Store saves deleted versions of files and allows you to restore them whenever you want until you delete them from your trash, with no time limit. File recovery is included for all users.

Security Testing

As the security of our users is very important we never leave these tasks in the hands of external security specialists to the company, in order to ensure the security and protection of our applications.

So we usually perform tests to applications in order to ensure and rectify any security errors in our system.


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