What is Block files Store?

BLOCK FILES STORE is an international secure download, storage and distribution of files. The size of our servers, all of them working on several gigabyte connection is almost unlimited. Today there is no similar service that can offer our level of quality. Block files Store is the best and fastest service to upload, store and share your files safely online.

Where are my files stored? Does Block files Store service is free? I can use it now?

You can upload and download 10GB free of charge. The files are stored on our secure servers and are available for use once registered. You can use the file manager to create folders, manage files and access to them when needed. We dedicated a lot of time designing our service and we file download that is available to millions of people use it. You do not need any special training to use BLOCK FILES STORE. Millions of people around the world, with different occupations, such as students, businessmen, employees, merchants, etc., use our service daily. Try it and see for yourself.

Why do I have to register?

For legal reasons we can not allow anonymous file through our system. However, membership is free for you, so there should be no problem if you are planning to use our service in a disciplinary and legal.

What type of files I can upload and what is the maximum file size?

You can upload any type of files (EXE, MP3, MPEG, AVI, RAR, ZIP, JPG, etc), you use at work or in their leisure time. Music files, video files, applications, games, ringtones, Office files (eg Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.), project outlines, architectural plans, conference recordings, price lists, contracts regular laboratory data , server configuration files, advertising brochures, etc.. Does the size of a file you can upload is the maximum on the Internet it is up to 10GB!

Can I download the video files?

You need to have Premium account to download.

How long are the files stored?

Initially, you can host data without a time limit. However, the files that have not been accessed for more than 45 days are deleted to relieve the system of forgotten or content is not necessary. This rule does not apply to Premium Members for registered users unlimited storage period. Our system allows the storage of any file provided it complies with the terms of service set out in the User Agreement, and does not violate the laws of your country. This means in particular that the files that violate copyright laws or which contain any other information prohibited by law will be deleted immediately upon discovery. If you have found this kind of files on servers Block files Store report we appreciate you completing the form on our complaint.

How I can change the password for my account?

The password can be changed in the settings once you have logged.

What should I do if I forgot the password?

If you forgot your password, you can request a new password to be sent to the email address on the account. Simply go to the next page and enter your email address. You will receive detailed instructions on how to reset your password.

Can I delete my files I once stored, at any time?

Of course, you can do it! After uploading a file you will get a special download link to be sent to anyone. You will also receive a special link that will allow you to delete this file at any time. Please keep all these links. Registered users can also delete their files using the file personal manager will not have the need to save or store the links received.

Why is my video has been removed?

If the video has been removed, chances are you have violated our Terms of Service. Note that by uploading, you are prompted to accept the terms of service, as indicated in the written contract, we reserve the right to delete any file, if one or more terms are infarcted. Written in terms of privacy. Block files Store respect the privacy of visitors at all times, and only collect information if it is necessary to improve our service to you. To protect the rights of our users, we will collect all visitor-based information anonymously, which means that your IP address is not kept, so you can not make any trace and / or unique identification process.

My web server can store mp3 and avi files large. Can I upload these files to Block files Store and post links to them on my website so that visitors can download them?

You can upload an unlimited number of files of any type to our servers and post the links to them anywhere: on your website, in your corporate site, in forums, blogs, social networks (Twitter, FaceBook, My Space), etc. You can send the download links to your files to friends via instant messaging systems such as ICQ, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, and through e-mails (spam excluded, of course). You only need to remember the download links received, copy correctly and always try before publishing to make sure they work, otherwise the people who send you these links may be drawbacks to download your files.

What is the limit of downloads from a Files Stored in Block files Store?

Files stored on Block files Store no download limits! Some files stored by our service were downloaded more than 100,000 times. If you are not a Premium member, you can upload only one file at a time. Premium members can download up to 50 files at once, each in several streams, and resume broken downloads!

Can I see all files stored in your system?

No, you can not. Our service guarantees the complete privacy of your files and the files of other users. Not all users want their files are publicly accessible, so it is quite impossible we reveal their download links to the public.

I have purchased a Premium account, but your system does not recognize me. What happens?

If you had a free membership before buying a premium notice that ALL Premium members use other access information, which differs from that of access to free account. DO NOT use your username free, except to see the Premium status. Make sure you are using the username and password for your new premium account, sent to you immediately after confirmation of your order. Make sure you did not delete cookies from your computer and that no program is blocking the receiving and sending of cookies, some firewalls can do this.

Will I receive in my mail advertising?

Absolutely not. We do not sell or give anyone the e-mail of our users. The only messages you may receive from us are notifications related to our service.

Why sometimes my download speed is low?

Probably, the file you requested is being downloaded at the same moment by dozens of people, the bandwidth of our servers is distributed evenly among all users free access to our service. To receive priority to download we suggest purchasing a premium account to download the file or try another time.

The service sends a message "connection limit exhausted for your IP address! Try again in 5 (25, 55, etc..) Minute (s)." What I can do to download a file?

www.BlockfileStore.com offers equally high quality service for users from all regions of the world, regardless of download size, download time, browser and other settings. This system serves the dynamic load distribution, which operates on the principle: "Everyone should be able to download large files with good speed and FREE". In view of the priority given download speed Premium users, other users can download with good speed only turn: first one, then another. The waiting time in the queue (indicated by the phrase "try again in 10 minutes") depends on several factors (file popularity, server load Block files Store from your network segment, time of day, etc..) , the most important of which is the file size. The bigger the last file downloaded from your IP address will have to wait longer. Therefore, in order to reduce the waiting time, it is recommended to start with the download of small files. Furthermore, as the system recognizes users by IP address, you can change your address (see point 15) and try to download the file again.

The system says that I am already downloading files or that I downloaded too much.But I have not downloaded anything! What's going on?

Our system uses the IP address in order to count the number of downloads. If you receive this message and really have not downloaded anything, then you will probably use the proxy server that is simultaneously used by other people. In this case you must disable the proxy server. If your provider does not allow it, the only solution here is to purchase a premium account. The Premium account uses cookies to recognize users, and not the IP address.

Why I can not enter Block files Store through corporate proxy server?

The system limits the number of simultaneous logins from the same IP address to avoid server overload. That's why you may see a notification that something is already downloaded from your IP address but nothing is downloaded. As Premium users are prioritized download and if you are not a Premium member, try logging in at another time of day.

What are the benefits of a premium account?

The advantages are many for a considerably lower price per day: You have priority in downloading files and in the distribution of the traffic capacity of our servers. It is possible to use download accelerators that allow the downloading of files resume incomplete. The download is instant (no need to wait for 45 seconds). You can download up to 250 files simultaneously, upload and store files of up to 10GB, and many more options.

How many files I can download from Block files Store?

The size of files that can be downloaded from Block files Store depends on your ISP and the status of your account. Downloading files as free user without interruption but with speed restrictions, you can download about 5 GB per day. ALL Premium users can download 20 GB per day at the maximum speed available.

How www.blockfilestore.com downloaded using the option of multi-threaded download-manager?

Premium users can have multiple simultaneous downloads. This means that if you are downloading, for example, 5 parts (segments, wires) of a file simultaneously, the file will be downloaded in a 5 times faster than using the usual download through the browser window. To this end it is necessary to configure your download manager to "capture the links" (read the instructions on how to do it in the description of this program). So if you select the settings, when you click "Download" the file will be downloaded automatically by the program. The only link appears below the icon "will download and is unique to your IP address, to copy the link, please use the right-click menu of your browser. Adding the link to the download manager, select the" multithreaded . "it is recommended that 5 or more threads, but no more than 10. And then see how it will be accelerated discharge. note that some files can not be downloaded in parts.

Unsubscribe to a premium account.

You can unsubscribe at any time, in this case your account will have Premium status until the end of the period paid. To unsubscribe, please click the "Cancel" button in the Manage subscriptions and then enter the required information (number of credit card and email address / ID / purchase transaction number).

The page loads very slowly, what can you do?

The main cause of slow loading of the pages of the site is the speed of your Internet connection. If you have high speed but pages load slowly, it may be for the following reason: some pages (for example, the file list) contain a lot of the Java Script and require more operational browser. That is why we recommend using the latest versions of browsers and not use the add-on or superstructures that can slow down the loading of pages.

I have other questions. Where I can send?

Contact our support service. Premium users can submit questions from their accounts. normally respond within 24 hours.

I uploaded the files, but I can not see them

Usually this will never happen, but in heavy rush hours there is sometimes a period of time and can take up to 30 minutes before the file is ready for download.

My files disappear

Most probably we have received a complaint from the owner of the copyright or other authority and had to delete the file.

How long Block files Store save my files?

Your files will be stored forever as long as you are a Premium member. If you are a registered user without premium status, your files will be stored until at least 45 days after the last download.

My account has been hacked

You must keep secure your account information. The mails about hacked accounts, changed information and so on will be ignored! It is your responsibility to keep your account information safe!


Block files Store respect the privacy of visitors at all times, and only collect information if it is necessary to improve our service to you. To protect the rights of all our users, collect all visitor-based information anonymously, which means that your IP address is not kept, so you can not make any trace and / or unique identification process.

Will my account information be shared with others?

Absolutely not. No membership share your information with anyone, unless we receive a valid request by the police, such as a subpoena or court order. Furthermore, we prohibit users from accessing personal files, unless there is an urgent reason for it.

Do you keep the information about the files uploaded?

Yes, we are bound by common laws and regulations to maintain such information saved in order to meet the requests of the agencies responsible for enforcing the law. Note that with respect to domestic and foreign laws, this step is absolutely mandatory.

Important Notice

All users who post links on sites without following respective rules (spamming, flooding, and so on) will be suspended and your account will be closed.


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