Make BLOCK files STORE your tool for your professional success.

Manage Your Company

Manage your team easily

With Block files Store is simple work together and organize your company, thanks to the easy use of their tools. From the control panel you can access all essential information, developments and progress made to keep your computer in order.

Speeds up your work rate

You can access your personal account or team from anywhere and share both files and folders synchronizing your work with other members saving time and wait. As well as viewing and modifying all types of documents so online from your panel without a download.

Share all you want and more

It will be easy as a simple click on the file you want to share, either individually or open to all members. Just as you will decide with whom to share or view your files as well as any amendment.

Your files will be there where you need them

With our mobile and tablet applications can access from anywhere that you're when you need it, without needing a computer nearby. Fast, comfortable and no need to visit the main website Block files Store.

Forget the space

You'll never have to worry again because disk space you have left you can use our service all you need to carry out your project. Thanks to Block files Store can upload files to our system without problems large partitions.

Your information safe and secure with Block files Store

In Block files Store offer the best tools available to better protect your company data. As an administrator you can manage your team's actions and the members with whom you want to sync or share files.

You can also monitor all activity of each member and the status of the account, the early sessions, each member applications linked to the account. You can know all the activity of each of the members of your team.

Data Recovery

All files you deleted or changes you've made can recover the recycle bin.

Data protection

In Block files Store are constantly innovating to improve our safety and that of your data. In this way we eliminate all risk as to the loss of information by external risks of any kind. We use the following resources among other applications:

Block files Store technology uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for data transfer, which creates a secure link protected by 256-bit AES encryption.

Block files Store has stringent technical controls that prevent employees from accessing the content of their personal data.

Your data and files are always available and stored on our servers for maximum reliability.

First of all, your privacy comes first for Block files Store as is reflected in our Privacy Policy and in no way we will use, disclose or divulge information or data of your company.


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